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I asked, Le Skeleton Band answered

They only work with music, they don't have any other jobs. This is "the core business", the main project, where they spend more than 80% of their time. The other 20 are for little projects.

Bruno. "Where they made a desert. They call it peace."

They don't exactly remembre why they gave the band this name. BUT, after they chose to call Le Skeleton Band, they found an old comic (from the beginning of the 20th century) from Walt Disney:Silly Symphonies - The Skeleton Dance. This is a vídeo about skeletons that come out from their graves at night and they do their little dance and, when the sun arrives, they go back to their graves. Alex describes it as dark, comic, absurde and silly and they say that it makes sense for them.

3 words that define Le Skeleton Band

Easy! Clement said, right away: Pastéis de Nata! But, aside the jokes, they describe themselves with the words bastringue (that they define as a piano that is out of tune), quirky, organic (organic like what is inside of our body and not organic like organic food), castagne e nervous. They describe their music on stage as electric e nervous (and i should say that it really is. They were so calm in the interview but when they got on stage they were electric). These aren't really 3 words, right? But we are going to pretend it is. Because 6 (bastringue, quirky, organic, castagne, nervous and electric) divides by 2 is 3.

Jérémie. "Nunq est bibendum."

Fruits or vegetables?

B. and J. prefers fruits, just like C. who, though he likes to eat small vegetables and likes tomatões,  also prefer fruits. A. consideres himself almost a rabbit because he loves carrots. He prefer vegetables to fruits. He doesn't like cauliflower.

Sweet childhood

I asked for the first concert they went. Clement said Dionyses, a french band, somewhere in 2005; Jérémie went to see U2 in 1992; Alex went to see The Cranberries, when he was 15; and Bruno, also in his 15's, Placebo.

I asked for childhood toys. Team Toys: Clement (Legos) and Jérémie (Playmobil). Tema Sports: Bruno (Football) and Alex (Basketball).

Playstation VS Xbox? Team Playstation: Alex and Clement. Bruno was incapable to choose and Jérémie preferes PC.

Clement. "Fortes fortuna juvat."

Audiences and Top 3

When i asked if they prefer big or small audiences, the answer was "it depends". It can be a big audience but with no energy. Other times it can be small audiences, but so so so energic that they felt like they were playing to a loooooooooot of people. entaThey always try to fill the room with their music and, last time they played at Quinda das Beatas (Portalegre) in 2015, it was a good concert. About  surprising audiences, Jérémie and Alex talked about a show that they gave in Sarregumines. Jérémie was really sick that night, but the concert was very good. Bruno said that he liked a concert they gave in Perpignon and Clement talked about a gig they gave in Festival du Gibloux: on the street, in a summer thursday. Usually in this festivals people come and go, they don't stay listening the band. But that time was diferente: people stopped, foccused and listened.

About places where they would like to play, Jérémie said just one: Les Arenes d'Orange. Alex started his list by chosing a place where they had already played: Salão Brazil, in Coimbra (same place they played the day after their concert at Portalegre). At his top 3 he added Kaffe'T'Hof, in Holland, and Olympia in Paris. Bruno would like to in the USA, Scandinavia and Iceland. Clement would like to play in north Africa, at Grand Rex em Paris and, although they had already played there, in Italy, where he would like to do a long tour.

I asked if they would rather play in the city, by the sea or in the countryside and the answer was unanimous: countryside.

Favourite Movies

Alex: Paris Texas
Bruno: The Assassination Of  Jesse James
Clement: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Jérémie: Le Grand Voyage (um filme marroquino)

And, to end the interview, Alex, Bruno, Clement and Jérémie said a inspirational sentence. You can find that sentences behind every photography!

Alex. Tentando citar John Berger (escritor): "Music is born from a pain, and from all this pain it turns itself into a joy but never forgets the pain."

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